Be Cute and Sweet with Gyaru Fashion

sweet gyaru fashion

One of the most popular fashion trends in Japan, aside from the Lolita fashion, is gyaru fashion. Gyaru, which literally means “gal” is a fashion trend that is characterized by being both girly and glamorous, aided by fake lashes, colored hair, circle lenses, nail art and fashionable clothes.

What sets it apart from Lolita and other trends is that it is technically more wearable and more casual, since it is a bit easier to find gyaru-style clothes and make-up. Of course, those who want to stand out use wigs of bright colors like pink, red or blue; it is more common to see brown or blond on a lot of women in Japan.

There are also different sub-categories of gyaru from past and present, such as banba, bibinba, kogyaru and yamanba. These sub-categories differ from each other through accessories, hair color and style of clothes. But just the same, followers of the trend still maintain the girly-glam aura that they should exude.