Golden Week Shopping in Tokyo – Which Is the Best Area to Find “Engrish” Fashion?

Engrish, that beautiful language that you can find in many different countries that don’t have English as a first language. It’s essentially English phrases that are grammatically incorrect, yet wonderfully amusing to so many.

Here’s an example of a lovely t-shirt found in a quirky shop in Tokyo:

Engrish 01

Poetic, right?

Known as some of the best souvenirs from Japan, you can find any number of Engrish clothing, accessories and housewares. You can find these things in many places around Tokyo, Harajuku is THE PLACE to grab a wide selection of clothing to last you for years.

Engrish 02

This Golden Week, when you’re planning to go shopping in Tokyo, take a day to walk down Takeshita street in Harajuku and browse every shop from one end of the street to another.