Japanese Fashion Brand – Edwin Jeans

We often think that jeans are just jeans, nothing special, just something that people love to wear every now and then. Each pair seems to look the same with every other and there aren’t too many variations besides leg width and how tightly they feel on.

When it comes to the famous Japanese fashion brand Edwin Jeans, each piece has a story to tell.

Since 1961, Edwin Jeans has been among the top Japanese denim brands that originally served men’s fashion needs but has since expanded to include virtually everyone in the family.

The denim collections from vintage, contemporary and revolutionary styles are all tailored and developed in a well-established company that has been producing and designing denim fashion for over fifty years.

Today, you can find incredible style for men and women’s trousers that range from formal to casual, rugged to clean cut, style-based, comfort-based and modest to revealing cuts that clients young and old simply love.

Every season, the European market, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan patiently wait for the release of new denim styles that the label has to offer. Some of the most popular Edwin collections are the Edwin Jeans SS’ with its natural indigo fabric and rainbow selvage style, and their ever-popular vintage 505.

The label’s diverse collections either build a strong masculine aura or a clean, chic look for men, while the women’s collections boost their femininity by gracefully displaying their natural curves in skinny jeans or emphasize feminine power in straight, smart cut jeans.

Now that Edwin Jeans is creating a big name in the international market, there’s no need to stay with those old worn out jeans that just sit in the closet. Edwin makes sure to cater to everyone’s individual taste and style.