Japanese Fashion Brand – N.Hoolywood

A Japanese fashion brand with quite a quirky name. It’s actually quite appropriate for this popular Japanese clothing line that triumphs over the challenge of incorporating contemporary designs with vintage clothing.

N.Hoolywood is essentially a combination of words North (Hollywood) and hooligans. It’s a brand founded by Daisuke Obana, who wanted to remake themed vintage clothes and have them fit with contemporary fashion. Not only did he want to create a label that can represent his creative vision but he also wanted to change the way people saw vintage clothing as a whole.

For years, “Mister Hollywood”, has meticulously searched for unique vintage finds from other countries, all the while keeping a particular theme in his mind. He amassed clothing items of medical themes, Apollo 11, activist gear and more. Obana enhanced these vintage pieces with his own creative flare and made them into his masterpieces. Many big names in the fashion industry from Japan and rest of the world, especially the trendy fashion cities of New York and Paris, have applauded his collections.

Although each one of the N.Hoolywood vintage collections carry very different themes, Daisuke Obana has been able to maintain each creative piece in a sleek and stylish manner befitting the trends of each season.

Being both a clothing designer and a storyteller, he is able to recount old stories of the world through his tailored collections. Not only does he tell the story of the past but he also sheds light on the events that took place in the past within each vintage piece that he remakes. This is done so that he can open our minds to the realization that we have all arrived to this current state from the way the past has shaped our future.