Japanese Fashion Items to Keep you Warm

Japanese Warm Fashion
Image courtesy of http://www.pasar.my


While Japanese fashion tends to stick to layering clothing, each season will have a set of essentials to not only help you look great but also help you stay comfortable no matter what the weather conditions may be. In winter, there are a few things that are very important to have in order to stay warm and healthy. To make sure you stay warm and cozy this winter, make sure to get yourself these essentials:

Belly Warmer – One of the biggest winter clothing items that everyone should have is a belly warmer (also known as a Haramaki). Keeping your core temperature warm is very important when it’s cold out. Just like many parents tell you to keep your back warm, it’s also as important to keep your belly warm as well. A belly warmer is essentially a wide band that goes around your waist. There are also some styles that look like high-waist bloomers to keep your backside warm as well. Most belly warmers are made of soft fleece, chenille and wool. FYI -You can even get cute pet belly bands to keep the chill off their backs and bellies.

Leg Warmers – Popular since the 80’s, leg warmers are a staple fashion item for girls in Japan. They are tubes of fabric that you slip on your legs to keep them warm. Most designs are made to cover knees, shins and ankles. You can find many different styles and colours that work with virtually any outfit you can create. Most leg warmers are made of wool, fleece, chenille and cotton. They are an adorable look that most junior high and high school students wear, but there are many older women who are choosing to wear leg warmers to prevent leg cramps and pain from the cold weather.

Large Knit Scarf – Both men and women love to wear over-sized scarves in Japan. Wool and thick knit scarves are the ones you will find the most on people of all ages. Stack them around your neck to stay ultra warm and cozy. Some people wrap them up so high that they protect their neck, face and ears without the need of a hat!

Ear Muffs and Hats – Keeping your head and ears warm is another essential for winter. The majority of girls love to wear cute ear muffs while men love to wear fashionable hats. You can find a huge range of hats and ear muffs to suit any fashion style. Japan is also the best place to find adorable adult Disney winter accessories like ear muffs.

Now that you have the scoop on Japanese winter fashion, get out there and shop!