Tokyo Fashion Profile – Pinky & Dianne


Elegance isn’t achieved by wearing immense amounts of vibrant colours or the fanciest clothing items and accessories. Elegance can be achieved by putting on classic fashion pieces that highlight more the personality behind clothing, rather than the intricacy or extravagance of the clothing itself.

This concept is exactly what the Pinky & Dianne label is about.

Pinky & Dianne is a Japanese clothing retailer with over 80 outlets distributed across Japan and although the brand name itself shouts out a western foundation, its creative direction is being led by excellent Japanese designers.

The clothing label was created by two American designers: Pinky Wolman and Dianne Beaudry. Both designers brought elegant western clothing styles to Japan in 1970. With a diverse collection of smart casual and semi-formal wear like feminine blouses, free flowing dresses, professional trousers classic cardigans and coats, not to mention some of the finest feminine footwear. With beautiful selections of clothing and accessories, it’s no wonder why Pinky & Dianne were an instant hit in Japan. Today, Pinky & Dianne is synonymous with Tokyo fashion.

Since the two founders have since moved on to other ventures to broaden their name and popularity in the design world, fresh faced Japanese designers have taken over the creative direction of the clothing label and have kept the brand up on their own for a few years now.

In the last few years, the company has expanded their reach in the fashion world to other top fashionable cities in the world. With locations found in New York, London and Sydney, you can be sure that Europe will be their next target.

Creating classic ensembles not only maintains the elegance and fineness in all of us but it also reflects our moods and personalities for all to see. In a country where emotions are something to be kept private, the clothing pieces that Pinky & Dianne provide make sure to make everyone shine.