Cosplay Makeup Tips for Beginners

How to properly apply makeup becomes a frequently asked question for most cosplay beginners. Cosplay makeup an be very different compared to everyday makeup, especially depending on the character you choose to dress up as.

To enrich your cosplay experience and appeal, you should consider enhancing your eyes to match characters closely.

Check out the following makeup tutorial to give yourself gorgeous cosplay character eyes:


Required materials:

  • foundation
  • artificial eyelashes
  • eye shadow
  • lip gloss
  • eyeliner
  • liquid eyeliner
  • concealer
  • tweezers
  • lip liner
  • blush
  • powder puff


Step 1: After washing your face, apply foundation. Just pour some out and dab it all over your face.


Step 2: Slightly wet your powder puff and use it to dab the foundation until it becomes smooth on your face.


Step 3: Concealer is required if you would like to make your complexion seem more delicate. In most cases, concealer will be used to cover dark bags under the eyes or on places with a darker skin tone.

Just dab it and gently rub it into the skin. Then, use some loose power which will help your makeup stay clear for a longer time.


Step 4: Apply eye shadow. First, apply the base color and then a silvery white.

This is recommended for better photography on a stage or outdoors.


Step 5: Apply lilac (or any light color) eye shadow on top of the white layer.

It’s recommended to choose a light colored eye shadow especially for photography outdoors.


Step 6: Add a darker color on the eyelids.  Black or brown usually work best.


Step 7: Apply light eye shadow under the eyes, or draw it with white eyeliner.


Step 8: After some small makeup touches, both eyes should look like this:


Step 9: Time for eyeliner. You can use a pencil followed by liquid liner or just the liner of your preference.

Draw a line longer than the actual eye line. This will make your eyes seem larger.


Step 10: Draw in the lower eye line.


Step 11: Apply artificial eyelashes. The more exaggerating and dense the false eyelashes are, the bigger your eyes look in the end.


Step 12: Apply a second eyelash layer. Just place them with tweezers and glue above the first set.


Step 13: You should also place fake lashed on the lower part of your eyes. This will highlight your eyes much better.


Step 14: To make a small cherry-like mouth, cover the lips with a liner that matched your skin tone first.


Step 15: Apply lip gloss.


Step 16: Put on your cosplay wig and apply some blush.


Step 17: Finished look:


Author bio: great make-up contributes a lot to enhance your allure on a cosplay show undoubtedly. Katherine shares you many other interesting cosplay ideas and useful cosplay tutorials on her cosplay blog.