Need Asian Fashion Inspiration? Check Out Misha Janette’s Tokyo Fashion Diaries

If you watch TV often or likes browsing through the Internet, then you would most likely know that Asian fashion, especially Japanese and Korean fashion, is on the rise nowadays. Even people from tropical countries try to follow the trend by layering their clothes and donning funky accessories. One of the best things about Asian fashion is that you can follow a trend while still being able to show off your own personality through your clothes.

One of the most prominent fashion stylists/bloggers in Tokyo is Misha Janette. She is an American girl in her late 20’s who has been in Japan since 2004. She chose to stay in Japan so she can wear her creativity, loud and proud.

Misha Janette is a graduate of the prestigious Bunka Fashion College, which has produced world-famous fashion designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Tsumori Chisato and Jun Takahashi. She currently works as a fashion stylist, a writer, a VJ/DJ and the owner of Plumb, a high-fashion wig brand, which reflects her own love for wigs. Misha Janette is also a well-known stylist in Japan, having worked for many Japanese fashion companies and even world famous artists and celebrities.

Aside from writing for popular newspapers like The Japan Times, Numero Tokyo, Vogue Girl Japan, Kyodo News, SOEN, The Guardian UK and Sydney Morning Herald, among others, she also maintains several blogs. One of her blogs is Tokyo Fashion Diaries, where she talks about Tokyo fashion and anything fashion related.

Tokyo Fashion Diaries is a colorful and fun blog where Misha Janette writes about her fashion and culture adventures in Tokyo. If you are looking for some fashion inspiration or any fashion news, then this blog is for you. Misha Janette covers fashion events, shop openings and other interesting fashion tidbits. Whether you are into casual fashion or are more interested in Japanese high-fashion, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this blog.

What makes Tokyo Fashion Diaries popular and well-loved in Japan is that it is multilingual. Misha Janette writes her articles and commentaries in both Japanese and English, and she even has a native Japanese editor to help her with her write ups. There is also a purely Japanese and Chinese version of her blog. Plus, there are also a lot of colorful pictures that would surely help you get an idea of what exactly the articles in the blog are about.

If you are looking for a fun and cute blog where you can find some fashion inspiration, make sure to drop by Misha Janette’s Tokyo Fashion Diaries. You’ll find a lot of interesting and helpful articles, plus you’ll surely love Misha Janette’s different wigs and looks.