Need Last-Minute Gift Ideas? Buy Your Friends Japanese Fashion Magazines for Christmas!

japanese fashion magazines

japanese fashion magazines

Christmas is just around the corner, and now is the time to think of gifts. And since we all have those fashionable friends who are into trends and fashion, we know how difficult it is to catch up to fashion trends. This makes it more difficult to look for gift items for fashionable friends. Most likely they have clothes and accessories that they need, so you need to be more creative and unique. Unique Christmas gifts for your friends are Japanese fashion magazines.

Japanese fashion is one of the most sought-after fashion styles in the world. In some cases, it is more popular than European fashion styles, due to the diversity of styles and trends in Japanese fashion. Fashion trends and styles in Japan know no age limit, for there are different styles fit for people of all ages and preferences. The best way to know about Japanese fashion, aside from searching the Internet, is through Japanese fashion magazines. In most cases, it doesn’t really matter whether you can read Japanese or not. Most Japanese fashion magazines have lots of pictures, and you can easily get an idea just by looking at the pictures.

There are different Japanese fashion magazines to choose from. If you have younger friends who are into the cute and quirky Japanese fashion style, then Pop Teen and Fruits are for you. These magazines feature urban styles perfect for younger people around the age of 17 to 25. These magazines are also picture-based, which means you can easily copy the style on the magazine.

For older and more sophisticated friends, you can choose from Happie Nuts, Non-no, Vivi and Koakuma Ageha. These magazines are specialized for working age women. The pictures in the magazines can give them an idea of how to dress appropriately for work or for a date, in a stylish and trendy way.

Finally, for your friends who are into cosplay, you can give them some copies of Cosmode. If you are not familiar with cosplay, it is when a person copies the costume of a character in animes or mangas. It has been popular lately in all parts of the world, with the popularity of animes and mangas, especially the translated copies you can find in bookstores.Cosmode also offer tips for cosplay hairstyle and make-up.

The best part of giving Japanese fashion magazines as gifts is the fact that all these magazines are available online. You can order for your copies from the publishers’ official websites, or through websites like Amazon or Ebay.