Shopping in Japan? We <3 Tokyu Hands!

Tokyu Hands Breakdown

Shopping in Japan is unlike anywhere else in the world. Japan was created to be a haven for shoppers. Here you’ll find a lot of shops for your different shopping needs.

What makes Japan different is that a lot of shops have a huge array of goods that you’ll ever need. Shops like Tokyu Hands is one of those huge, department store-like shops that holds different kinds of items, from clothes, school and office supplies, housewares and even bags and travel necessities.

The first Tokyu Hands shop was established in 1976, and since then, it has continued to offer items for everyone. Tokyu Hands also attracts tourists because they have a wide array of souvenir items for those who want to bring some items for their friends and family. You can buy all kinds of souvenir items for everyone, from chopsticks to fans, umbrellas, ref magnets and even stamps and postcards. The best thing about Tokyu Hands is that all the goods are duty-free, so you can buy everything that you want for everyone.