Outlandish Japanese Fashion Styles

Many people would agree if Japanese fashion styles are said as an expression of uttering freedom and insanity. It is true as we can easily see the expression that is figured by applying conspicuous makeup, colorful hair and dresses, etc. Precisely, the uniqueness of Japanese fashion styles cannot be denied as it is also a part of Japanese culture. There are some outlandish fashion styles which come from the Sakura Land like Lolita, Visual Kei, Ganguro and Kogal.

Lolita fashion style is revealed as a style of clothing with a touch of Victorian era like a porcelain dolls. Girls usually wear this style as they want a porcelain doll-inspired look which includes gothic, sweet and pink themed dresses.

The next is Visual Kei; this style is inspired by a character in video game. The character is represented as the most ridiculous and flamboyant character with powerful spell.

Another outlandish Japanese style, though now is quite rare to see is Ganguro; this is a style which ever reached its popularity in 2000’s. Ganguro style is represented with simple orange colored face with light makeup around the eyes.

The last is Kogal style. This fashion style is characterized with loose socks and skimpy skirts like a catholic school girl. You will need less accessories and makeup than other styles since Kogal represents a type of school girl. This fashion style was quite popular in the 90’s and is another rarity in the city today.