Popular Gothic Clothing Brands in Tokyo

Whether you’re into gothic fashion or just want to look cute and sophisticated at the same time, it’s worth your time to visit some of Tokyo’s gothic clothing brands. Some of these brands only have one shop, while some are more popular and have more shops all over Tokyo.

The clothing brand Milk is more popular nowadays for carrying cute Lolita inspired dresses, but they also carry dresses in black, perfect for those who want to be more gothic than Lolita. However, the current designs of Milk are cuter than gothic.

Black Peace Now and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright (BTSSB) are two of the most popular Japanese gothic clothing brands in Tokyo. Black Peace Now carry gothic clothes while BTSSB also have sweet Lolita, gothic Lolita and Victorian-inspired clothes and accessories.

Other brands like HeartE, Juliette et Justine and Pink House also have gothic Lolita clothing lines as well as other classic Victorian-inspired clothes.

With all these gothic clothing brands, you’ll surely be able to buy something that would satisfy your fashion cravings.