Follow the Trend with Gyaru Clothing Brands


The gyaru trend is one of the easiest trends to follow. You just have to dye your hair brown or blond, grow your nails longer and have them painted, wear the latest trendy clothes and exude a glamorous aura. You can also wear heavy but girly make-up and wear colored circle lenses. Look at yourself in the mirror and you’ll see that you’ll fit in perfectly.


Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to just go down to one of the many shopping districts around Tokyo and look for the most popular (and fashionable) gyaru clothing brands. Some of these are Liz Lisa, Cecil McBee, Emoda, JSG and Tralala. You can’t also go wrong with some Louis Vitton, Forever 21 and Chanel.


But don’t forget that the best accessory that you can wear is your confidence. If you’re not confident enough, then you would fail even if you wear the best gyaru-style clothes.