Tokyo Fashion Favourite: Jane Marple (JM)

Yes and no. Yes, it’s Jane Marple’s clothing fashion and no, it’s not about Agatha Christie’s lead character Miss Marple. Such famous name is a Japanese clothing brand, and not just any other label but one of the Lolita fashion trendsetters.

Although into Lolita fashion, the most sought-after ladies’ fashion in Japan, Jane Marple’s clothing style isn’t restricted to the stereotypical Lolita trend. In fact, it’s known for its classic cuts and prints, charming bows, and more blissful colors.

Rarely will you see full dresses in bold black color from its collections. Jane Marple’s ensembles with kaleidoscopic hues will definitely warm your eyes and boost your fashion appetite. The same navy tops and dresses, classic floral ensembles, playful fruity jersey shirts, and exquisite laces and bows make up JM collections but in a totally different way.

The latest spring and summer collection is even more fun and elegant. You will notice how comfort is prioritized by the designers. In these bouncy skirts, sweaters, and dresses, wearers are free to move and have fun during the warm seasons.

Jane Marple’s clothing is both old school and contemporary. While the cuts are classy and elegant, giving off a sense of royalty, prints however put a fun, playful touch. Cute Gabrielle ‘the cat’ prints enliven neutral, classic hues. Some classy vintage prints, on the other hand, complement well some vivid-colored clothing pieces. You can be caught daydreaming in a shirt dress that brings you to wonderland with its fantasy prints.

Be distinct yet stunningly elegant these upcoming warm seasons. Prepare your wardrobe for fun and thrilling get-together parties with friends. Dress in Jane Marple ensembles and turn heads as you strut along the everyday catwalk towards work or as you join the weekend tea parties of your BFF club.