Shopping in Japan – Beams

Our lifestyle is shaped by various details, particulars and anything that’s happenings in our surrounding environment. We are all continuously evolving, no matter where we may be in the world, so does the popular Beams brand in Japan. The label has been shaping the culture of Japanese youth for several decades and has continually brought carefully chosen pieces that are perfectly suited to the needs of their clients of the time.

What was initially put up as a small fashion chain is now a one-stop Japanese clothing, accessory and lifestyle retailer that has some of the finest home products available to date. It has been one of the major influences on Japanese lifestyles and constantly updates their products to suit the contemporary trends. The label is known for keeping its clothing styles varied and even evolves to cater to the diverse market across hundreds of locations, including several in Hong Kong.

Not only do they offer a wide variety of household items, clothing, shoes and accessories for everyone in the family but they also have an extensive line of products made just for pets. In order to expand further into the lives of their loyal clients, they have been pursuing new business ventures within the music, art and food industries.

The Beams president and CEO, Yo Shitara explains that through decades of making right choices within the business of fashion, the brand has been able to gain the trust of the Japanese, enabling the company to navigate their lifestyles throughout the changing years.