The Other Side of Tokyo Fashion

Tattered jeans or stockings, boots, short denim skirts, loose shirts, heavy eye make-up and messy hair. Most people would associate Tokyo fashion with these descriptions. However, you shouldn’t forget that Tokyo is also the center of business and trade in Japan, which means that there are a considerable number of office workers in the city. So why not take a break from looking at young Japanese and feast your eyes on the kind of clothes that office workers wear.

Just like other kinds of clothes, the clothes that office workers wear are dictated by the season. They tend to wear dull colors during winter, earthy colors during autumn, and fun and fresh colors during spring and summer. Same goes with the material: heavy material during the cold seasons and light, airy material during the hot and humid seasons.

For women, you’ll see a lot of stockings, pants and knee-high boots during the colder seasons, while you’ll see a lot of shorter skirts, dresses and lighter jackets during the hot seasons. It’s basically always the same for men: pants, shirts, ties and jackets.

However, don’t be surprised to see some men wearing more colorful shirts, ties or sometimes, pants. Fashion in Japan is so diverse that even men are trying to be more creative with their clothes.

So next time you visit Tokyo, go beyond the younger generation’s fashion and look at the kind of clothes that middle-aged people wear. You’ll be amazed and surprised that they also have their unique fashion sense.