Spring Time Tokyo Street Fashion

Japanese spring fashion


It’s spring once again, and most people in Tokyo are starting to shed off their protective clothing for lighter fabrics, shorter skirts and colorful dresses. But since it’s not yet too warm, they still try to protect themselves from the wind with light jackets, cardigans and colorful socks. You’ll also see girls and younger women wearing boots, but not the kind that would make them uncomfortable. Chiffon and cotton dresses and skirts are perfect for this kind of weather.

For high school and college girls, you’ll see a lot of them wearing their long sweatshirts with tights or stockings and boots. They also shed off their heavy make-up for lighter colors such as coral, light pink, yellow and other pastel colors. Their clothes tend to be cool enough for spring, yet still fashionable.

Spring is the perfect time for fashion, as you’ll see a lot of light colors, light fabrics and sweet and romantic feel.