Tokyo Fashion Guide loves JOYRICH

Often times, we have to choose between comfort and beauty when shopping for clothes. While comfy clothes are typically plain, simple, glamorous ones need extra care so you have to be in your finest, reserved aura when you put them on. There is a great difference in style between both, and it seems impossible to combine comfort and luxury in one ensemble.

Joyrich, on the other hand, has gracefully merged comfort, exquisiteness and luxury in every clothing piece. While their clothing style rests on casual wear, they offer strong, rich and luxurious prints that are perfectly incorporated into the clothing, which transforms ensembles into great art pieces.

Behind every clothing piece, there is a feeling of freedom, hope, dreams and love. Tom Hirota is the man behind the balance of comfort and luxury in fashion. His style is often categorized as casual-rich. Perhaps richness pertains to the bold prints, the vivid hues, the fine fabrics and incredible creativity for putting them all together in a manner that no one can resist.

Two great designers known as Leah and David are brilliantly working their fingers to the bone to create rich, luxurious, cozy ensembles that make up all of the Joyrich collections. Various international music artists like Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, Backstreet Boys and Black Eyed Peas have worn a few Joyrich pieces, both on and off stage.

Joyrich has not failed to connect with thriving economies and has major outlets in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Japan, and Los Angeles. This is perfect for their clientele, especially the ones who find it quite costly to maintain two wardrobes; one for comfort and another for elegance. Fortunately, there are avant-garde clothing brands that suffice both human needs of comfort and beauty. As Japanese entrepreneur Tom Hirota’s fashion staple goes, we should get the most out of fashion and yet maintain beauty in balance.