Tips from Tokyo Fashion Guide – What to Do for New Year in Tokyo

All dressed up in your favourite Tokyo fashion with no place to go?

Tokyo is a sprawling metropolis with millions of people preparing for New Year festivities. There are quite literally thousands of places that you can go to, whether you want to tear up the dance floor in a club, chill in a trendy lounge bar, play at a theme park, or explore the wacky side of the city at any one of the quirky themed restaurants around the city.

Top 10 Things to do in Tokyo for New Year

  1. Hit a Trendy Club like Trump Room
  2. Enjoy Some Find Food and Cheap Drinks at an Izakaya (we love ‘En’)
  3. Take in a Burlesque Show at “Burlesque” in Roppongi
  4. Have Dinner at the Ninja Restaurant
  5. Get an Unusual Experience at The Lockup (this blog sums it up)
  6. Check Out Odaiba
  7. Go Up Tokyo Tower
  8. Meet Cute Animals at Sunshine City
  9. Visit a Temple or Shrine like Meiji Jingu
  10. Play at Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea

To get a few suggestions from CnnGo, click the link below to see what they recommend as fun New Year celebration options in Tokyo this year.

What to do on New Year’s Eve in Tokyo