Tokyo is Where Gothic Clothing Can Be Cute

What comes to your mind when you hear the word gothic? If you grew up in Europe or US, you’ll think of people wearing black clothes, black accessories, chains and silver necklaces. But if you’re Asian, you’ll associate Goths with black clothes and make-up, which is a bit rare especially in tropical countries. But young Japanese boys and girls have made gothic clothing seem more wearable and in a way, cute.

Gothic Lolita fashion or GothLoli is a current fashion trend in Tokyo, characterized by ruffles, laces and cute dresses in black. Those who are not fans of ruffled dresses tend to wear all black outfits with chains and black make-up, but it is more common to see girls clad in black Victorian-inspired dresses.

Head on over to Harajuku to get a glimpse of how cute gothic clothing can be.