Which Japanese Fashion Magazine Is Best For You?



There are a lot of Japanese fashion magazines, just as much as there are different kinds of people, of different ages, and with different fashion preferences. We buy Japanese fashion magazines because we want to know about what’s hot in Japanese fashion, and it would be a shame if we happen to buy a magazine that’s not fit for your age (or your fashion style). Here is a quick guide to Japanese fashion magazines to know which is the best for you.

If you are in your mid-20’s to early 30’s and want to look sophisticated without overdoing it, some of the magazines you should check out are JJ, Non-no(or Mens Non-No), Happie Nuts, Egg and Koakuma Ageha. Happie Nuts and Koakuma Ageha are specialized for hostesses, but the clothes and make-up styles in these magazines are perfect for your age bracket. If you are not comfortable with the clothes you see on these magazines, you can easily alter them to suit your taste. JJ has more conservative fashion choices, perfect for office attires and formal events. Egg magazine is more into gyaru fashion, which can easily be modified to make you look more your age.

Popteen and Fruits are perfect for those in their teenage years, as well as those fresh out of college (and are just exploring the real world). These Japanese fashion magazines are more into the cute and kawaii style, as well as into casual, street fashion. These magazines can give you a lot of inspiration on how to look funky and cute at the same time, while you’re still not sure of your fashion sense. These magazines also provide helpful tips on how to wear a specific style, and where to find the clothes and accessories featured on the magazine.

Finally, if you are into cosplay (regardless of your age), and is looking for a magazine that would help you with your passion, better check out Cosmode (Costume Mode) magazine. Here you’ll find helpful tips on how to do your hair or your make-up to look like your favorite anime/manga character. It’s a must-read for cosplayers and anime/manga enthusiast everywhere.

Following the latest fashion trends is easy enough, once you know which Japanese fashion magazine is the best for you. Don’t be left behind the latest trends and learn from these Japanese fashion magazines.