Don Quijote. Who Wouldn’t Love this Fun Quirky Shop?


If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, Don Quijote is the place to visit. Don Quijote (mostly known as ‘Donki’) is a one-stop shop for anything under the sun. If it’s practical or just plain weird, you’re sure to find it there.

Here you can find all the things like food, souvenirs, electronics, furniture, gadgets, car accessories, housewares, health and beauty (ie. fake lashes, nails and circle lenses), clothing, accessories, cosplay fashion, and even xxx toys.

Buy toiletries and household items like tissue paper and snacks in bulk (ideal for hanami and hanabi celebrations).

The best thing about Donki is that you can buy everything at a very low price. You can definitely get a lot with just a few bucks. Try this shop first when looking for cute fashion accessories at an affordable price. Whether you want something for yourself or you want to find a quirky gift to give your friends.

Don Quijote is built like a maze but also filled with many hidden treasures. Spend a day in this one shop and you still won’t be able to see everything they have.