Japanese Fashion Brand – As Know As

A woman’s obsession for clothes is an unfathomable and unimaginable fact for men. The release of new clothing collections is music to many women’s ears and the seasonal sale advertisements on television, billboards and magazines are much awaited events to get the best deals on the things they love so much. Just the thought of owning a new Marc Jacobs or Chanel piece is enough to lift their spirits.

This is a crazy fact that’s generally accepted by most of the world and the reason why the Japanese fashion brand As Know As saw the need to mass produce and distribute quality garments for women.

As Know As is a Japanese clothing wholesaler with headquarters located right in the bustling district of Shibuya, Tokyo. The two notable personalities who founded this clothing label in 1989 are Eri Asami and Hiroki Watanabe. With over a hundred stores in Japan, it manufactures and distributes clothing for teens and women in their twenties and thirties.

The company has five main clothing collections that vary in style and price range.  As Know As De Base is a wonderful collection of chic, smart casual wear that perfectly suit young professionals. As Know As Pinky is a collection that serves the younger fashion conscious crowd, while As Know As Olaca caters to plus size women, which is generally difficult to find in a city like Tokyo. Finally, as a means to help tie in each look and style, there is the Aszakka collection that provides a gamut of women’s accessories from head to toe.

As Know As made sure there’s no limitation in Japan’s boundaries and went off to serve women in other parts of the globe as well. AS, which is yet another collection from this incredible label, the clothing line exhibits its finest clothing pieces to countries like Hong Kong, USA, Greece and Morocco.  While it’s a very popular name throughout Japan, As Know As is still in the process of developing the label into an international brand name and reaching more women of varying tastes and styles.