Japanese Street Fashion for Men

If you think that men can’t be fashionable, then think again.

In Tokyo, one of the most fashionable cities in the world, both men and women are updated with the latest trends. Although it is more common to see fashionable women, and there are more clothing brands for women, men also have their own styles and trends to follow.

Younger Japanese men tend to be more casual and edgy, with huge prints on their shirts and unique cuts for their jeans. They are also the ones who try to be experiment more with colors, cuts and material.

Japanese men in their 30’s or 40’s tend to show how fashionable they are through the brands that they wear and the style that they choose. Of course most of them are working men, so they tend to choose more formal clothes. These men also make sure that they choose the right tie or shirt to go with their dress pants and shoes.

What makes Japanese fashion amazing is the fact that it is flexible and it fits all kinds of people.