Lolita Fashion: Who Says Being Childish is Not Fashionable?


Those who are familiar with Japanese street fashion would definitely understand the concept of Lolita and how it is shown through clothes and fashion. It is a fairly common concept, which originated from Vladimir Nabokov’s novel with the same title. The novel is about a professor who fell in love with a young girl, which he calls “Lolita”.

Does it give you an idea what Lolita is?

In Japan, Lolita fashion is a trend wherein girls wear cute dresses typically worn by children. These dresses are characterized by laces, ribbons and pastel colors. However, with the current changes in trends, there emerged different sub-classifications of the so-called Lolita fashion.

The Gothic Lolita is heavily influenced by European styles, usually of the Victorian and Eastern Goth style. It maintains the sweet and cute nature of the trend, but with darker colors and more gothic symbolisms like crosses, spiders and such, as opposed to the flowery and light feel that the typical Lolita fashion exudes. Just the same, bonnets, laces, knee-high socks and boots are still common for this trend.

Another sub-classification of Lolita is the sweet Lolita, which is the cutest and most childish classification. Accessories such as stuffed animals, baby animals and Hello Kitty are usually worn together with floral and pastel colored dresses.

The Punk Lolita is a combination of Lolita and Punk fashions. Here you can find dresses that maintain the “Lolita” cut and style, but with tears, rip and other forms of “deconstructions” in it.

The classic Lolita is most “mature” and business-like classification of the Lolita fashion. Here, instead of childish styles and pastel colors, dresses are more toned-down and it usually comes in colors like blue, red and green.

If you stay in Tokyo, you would find it difficult to see girls following the Lolita trend. It’s actually common and based on experience; it is quite visible during late winter and early spring, where girls can wear coats over their dresses and petticoats with stockings without feeling uncomfortable because of the climate.