Tokyo “Gangster” Fashion: Bosozoku

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Along with the diverse cultures and sub-cultures in Tokyo comes the fashion that defines each sub-culture. It is interesting to note that the kind of clothes and the fashion sense that you’ll see in anime and manga is also being emulated in real life.

Don’t be surprised to see girls clad in school uniform that have an ultra mini skirts, because most of them are no longer student but simply enjoy wearing these little outfits for fun.

Once kind of Tokyo fashion that is not very popular is the bosozoku fashion. Bosozoku, which literally means “violent running tribe” is usually associated with younger people and their modified motorcycles, which, more often than not, can catch anyone’s attention due to the noise that their motorcycles make. Aside from the noise and the motorcycle, bosozoku fashion is characterized with the overalls and jumpers that are commonly worn by laborers and mechanics. This gives those who adhere to this sub-culture a kind of “grunge” feel. To add more effect, men usually wear these overalls without any undershirt and with bandages on their chests.

The followers of the bosozoku subculture can be considered as an equivalent of American gangsters in Tokyo, only more fashionable in their own unique way.

If you would like to see more examples of bosozoku fashion styles, check out this video: