Week of Designers! Tokyo Fashion Loves: Mug



It has been proven many times that the environment where one grew up in can affect his or her life in the future. This can be seen in the life of Japanese fashion designer Mug. She grew up in a family involved in the business of making clothes, with a mother who knits and sews and a grandmother who makes kimonos for a living. Her elder sister is also into fashion and used to bring a lot of magazines home. At an early age, Mug has decided to become a fashion designer, and she indeed became one.

Mug graduated from Kuwasawa Design School. She worked with different companies and different brands, until she established her own brand, G.V.G.V. She explained that she liked the name “grape vine”, and she used the initials in her brand. She repeated the initials to signify the two sides of a woman: the strong, sophisticated and independent on the one hand, fragile, feminine and ephemeral on the other. This opposite sides of a woman is also the main concept of the brand, where Mug combined earth colors with bold colors, plain and minimalist designs with more intricate and extravagant ones.

As a student, Mug admitted that she was more into costumes and theatrical clothes, but once she graduated, she wanted to create clothes that “real” people would wear. The brand also focuses on one concept per season, making the designs and the clothes more suitable for a particular kind of woman.


You can learn more about Mug and the brand by visiting G.V.G.V’s website: http://www.k3coltd.jp.