Stylish Japanese Brand – About a Girl

French and Victorian styles never go out of fashion. It is elegant, and it gives off a feeling of luxury, without being too overbearing. This is the reason why there are still many stores, houses and offices that are designed and dressed with a Victorian feel. It makes everything look classy and elegant.

If you are looking for a stylish Japanese brand that has beautiful items to make your house look elegant and stylish, then you have to drop by About a Girl and give your home the upgrade it deserves. About a Girl is a sister company of Francfranc, which are slowly popping up all over Tokyo, not to mention other parts of Asia as well.

What makes it different is the Victorian and French inspired pieces that you’ll find in this shop. So go ahead and make that wonderful change in your house! Grab some new furniture or even personal accessories from About a Girl and make everything look elegant and stylish.