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Practical Japanese Fashion – Would You Ever Wear a Visor?


You will see this fashion item everywhere on the streets in Japan, especially during the hot summer months. Some think they are great and others will think they are ridiculous. We’re talking about the large sun visor. Many women aged 40 to 60+ will wear them anytime they go outside. The main purpose is to shield their faces from the sun, protecting their skin (and eyes) from the harsh sun rays. They are certainly a practical item to have, but are they worth it? Sure, …


Golden Week Shopping in Tokyo – Which Is the Best Area to Find “Engrish” Fashion?

Engrish 01

Engrish, that beautiful language that you can find in many different countries that don’t have English as a first language. It’s essentially English phrases that are grammatically incorrect, yet wonderfully amusing to so many. Here’s an example of a lovely t-shirt found in a quirky shop in Tokyo: Poetic, right? Known as some of the best souvenirs from Japan, you can find any number of Engrish clothing, accessories and housewares. You can find these things in many places around Tokyo, Harajuku is THE PLACE to …


Love Fashion? Love Apps? Check Out These Japanese Fashion Apps!


We love to check out different fashion apps to help stay up-to-date with trends and get a little inspiration for freshening up our wardrobes. Our earlier fashion apps post showed us a lot of fun fashion, hair and decora nail examples, and these new apps are sure to bring you even more! Anime Kawaii Lolita ($1.99) This is an adorable collection of Anime Lolita wallpapers. The colorful anime characters and their detailed outfits are sure to give you inspiration for your cosplay clothing and accessories. …


Part 2 – Japanese Clothing and Accessories for Under ¥1,000 ($10) – Jshoppers.com


Here’s Part 2 of our Jshoppers ¥1,000 or less collection. It may seem like Japanese clothing and accessories are expensive, but here’s a big list of accessories that are all under ¥1,000 ($10). If you missed Part 1, check it out here. cash loans 5000 same day  


Part 1 – Japanese Clothing and Accessories for Under ¥1,000 ($10) – Jshoppers.com

Tank Top

Jshoppers is a great Japanese clothing and accessories shop online that has affordable fashion, with very reasonable shipping. If you’re looking for up-to-date clothing and accessory styles right from the streets of Japan, this is one of the places that you should check out. To give you an example of what you can get for a ¥1,000 ($10), here’s Part 1 of our favorite things from the shop. Check out tomorrow’s post to see PART 2 of Jshoppers ¥1,000 or less collection.


It’s Sakura Season! Time to Get Cute Fashion and Accessories!

sakura season floral fashion

Sakura season is the time of year that fills your eyes with beauty and your heart with love. The most romantic time of year in Japan, this is when cherry blossoms dress up most streets around the city and you can’t help but want to stay outdoors all the time. Nothing could be more fun than dressing up in cute fashion and accessories that are inspired by the beauty of spring. To get an idea of the different fashion and accessories you can get for …


Find Out Your Japanese Shoe Size (Men’s and Women’s Charts)


Shoes are often overlooked in many areas of the world. Some people only consider them as practical items that are used to protect feet from different terrain and nothing more, but in Japan, shoes are considered one of the finishing pieces to a fashionable outfit. They are stylish fashion items that help express a person’s mood, personality and style. You can find a wide range of shoes all over Tokyo, with some being as cheap as ¥300 ($2.95 USD)! The main district to find cute/sexy/unique …


Japanese Fashion Accessories – What is a Handkerchief Towel?

If you have ever experienced a typical Japanese summer, you will know what this essential Japanese accessory is. A handkerchief towel is quite literally a handkerchief made of soft absorbent fabric like terrycloth. Men and women will carry at least one with them everywhere they go, and summer is the number one season to have them on hand. They are very useful for wiping up sweat so that you don’t end up looking like you’ve just gotten out of the shower. This is an essential …


A Look at Cute Fashion Styles in Japan for Spring

Spring Style 1

Spring is upon us and it’s time to get cute outfits together for when we go out with friends, spend time under the cherry trees for hanami and just to look great for the season. To give you some Spring fashion inspiration, check out these fashion boards that highlight trends happening right now in Japan. Pretty in Peach advance cash loan military payday Flirty Floral Lovely Lavender All you need this season is a nice mix of feminine details with staple wardrobe pieces. Mix and …


Look Dashing for White Day – Designers and Menswear Shops in Japan

white day

In Japan, like many other places around the world, February 14th is the day women spoil their favourite men with sweet Valentine’s Day gifts of homemade or designer chocolates. Now that March 14th is just around the corner, Japan is getting ready for their unique holiday known as White Day. This is the time for the ladies to get a little something from the men. Though Valentine’s Day in Japan is mainly for women to hand out chocolates and cakes to men, White Day is …

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